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14 Nov, 2018iPSC Models to Improve Efficiency of Drug Discovery and Development

Stem cells have attracted a great deal of deserved attention due to their lineage-independent characteristics. In other words, they have the potential to be differentiated into a countless number of cell types. Adult stem cells, otherwise known as inducible pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), are particularly favorable as research tools because they are derived from a patient’s somatic cells such as blood, skin or muscle.

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05 Dec, 2013Harnessing Stem Cells for Drug Discovery: Part 3

Stem cells are being used to develop robust, reliable disease models that are advancing our understanding of underlying disease progression and mechanism.  Stem…

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03 Dec, 2013Harnessing Stem Cells for Drug Discovery: Part 2

How are stem cells advancing compound screening and analysis of drug-like properties? Stem cells are emerging as significant reagents in drug development pipelines. …

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20 Nov, 2013Harnessing Stem Cells for Drug Discovery: Part 1

Advances in Culturing Stem Cells Stem cells may hold the answer to one of the biggest medical challenges, replacing tissues and organs.  Exciting…

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16 Sep, 2013Core Labs Provide Training and Facilities

Core labs at academic institutes lower the barrier to expensive technology and give people access to techniques outside their field of expertise. These…

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