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04 Aug, 2014Children With a Rare Disease May Hold a Key to New Antivirals

Sometimes, in tragic circumstances, a lesson can be learned and applied in unexpected ways. That appears to be the case with a rare…

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20 Mar, 2014The Trials of Rare Disease Clinical Research

While we previously discussed how rare disease research has dramatically increased in both academic and industrial research, clinical trials of potential rare disease…

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12 Mar, 2014Race to Cure Rare Diseases

Last year, Assay Depot announced our winners for the Rare Disease Challenge, as part of our efforts to raise awareness for rare diseases….

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21 Mar, 2013Rare Disease $10K Grant For Rett Syndrome

Our Rare Disease Science Challenge ended March 15 and Qiang Chang was voted as the winner of our $10,000 research grant. His project…

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28 Feb, 2013Winning Over Rare Disease

The Rare Disease Science Challenge: Be HEARD is entering its next phase. After 77 applicants covering 67 rare diseases, we have decided on…

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