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19 Mar, 2013Pharmaceutical outsourcing: strategic versus tactical partnerships

Successful pharmaceutical outsourcing requires realistic and well-defined expectations, a strong vendor-client relationship, and continued client involvement in the outsourced project as it evolves….

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12 Mar, 2013Outsourcing with realistic expectations

From pharmaceuticals to financial services, the motives that drive outsourcing are fundamental. Top among them are perceived cost savings, improved outcome, and the…

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05 Mar, 2013Pharmaceutical Outsourcing: Where is the Work Going?

Last week we blogged about the growing trend in pharmaceutical outsourcing. When people hear the word “outsourcing”, many assume that means that work…

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27 Feb, 2013Outsourcing Offers Flexibility and Potential Cost Savings

By some estimates, the pharmaceutical outsourcing market could grow to $65 billion by 2018, fueled by a compound annual growth rate of nearly…

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26 Feb, 2013Research Exchanges: A New Engine

I’m sure it comes as no surprise to anyone reading this article that we have a problem in drug development. Pharmaceutical companies are having to face up…

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