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31 Mar, 2014Assay Depot Raises $3 million in Series B Funding

Assay Depot released a press release announcing it raised $3 million in Series B Funds to “Grow Science as a Server” Platform. Assay…

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23 Jan, 20143 Ways to Avoid Drowning in Big Data

This is the third in a three-part series by Dr. Heather Buschman on Big Data in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Check out…

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14 Nov, 2013The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship: Clinical Diagnostics & Drug Development

Development of clinical diagnostics is a major target for pharmaceutical companies. Drug development is facing new challenges as it becomes more difficult to…

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22 Oct, 2013Bioinformatics Core Labs are a Growing Resource

The next time your research takes you outside your field of expertise, you might consider looking for a core lab to help move…

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24 Sep, 2013Core Labs Move Experiments Forward Efficiently

Looking back on papers published in high profile journals over the years, the path to publication has become ever more involved.  The number…

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