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30 Apr, 2014The Microbiome in Drug Discovery: Metabolic Disease

In the “Age of the Microbiome” blog post which initiated this series we introduced the spectacular potential that the microbiome offers for drug…

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09 Apr, 2014The Age of The Microbiome in Drug Discovery

Over the course of the last century we’ve had the age of antibiotics, the genetic revolution, transplantation and immunotherapy, each of which ushered…

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21 Jan, 2014Drug Discovery Double Whammy: Two Diabetes Targets at Once

Incretins are hormones that the body uses to stimulate insulin release when nutrients are ingested. The two that are the most well-studied are:…

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23 May, 2013Drug Development Costs Keep Obesity Drugs Off the Market

Obesity has been linked to cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke.  As a common underlying factor in so many preventable…

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