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01 Aug, 2013Animal Models: How to make them

Almost weekly in the news there is an article about a new scientific breakthrough and how animal models were instrumental in making this…

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23 Jul, 2013Animal Models: More than Mice

While the mouse may be king, it’s not the only show in town.  Beyond the mouse, several other species are used as animal…

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18 Jul, 2013Outsourcing Animal Models to CROs: A Model of Efficiency

Animal work is tricky business.  First and foremost, it is expensive.  It requires dedicated facilities.  It also requires staff with expertise in colony…

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25 Jun, 2013Animal Models: Mouse is King

Mice and rats are go-to animal models for research.  A recent report out of the European Union demonstrated the dominance of these rodents…

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20 Jun, 2013Oncology Research Using Genetically Engineered Mouse Models

Oncology research using genetically engineered mice (GEM) to express oncogenes and model cancers has grown exponentially in the past 30 years[1]. Although there are key differences…

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