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01 Oct, 2013Patient-Reported Outcomes In Cancer Management – Part 2

A personalized medicine approach to clinical cancer therapy does not necessarily translate into a patient-centered approach as discussed in part 1 of this…

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06 Aug, 2013Assay Depot Creates Medical Research Exchange with the NCI

Cloud-based Platform Brings Together Life Science Researchers Worldwide; Fuels Innovation at NCI [pullquote]“The mission of CCR is to conduct cutting-edge, basic, translational, and…

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09 May, 2013Academia’s New Role in Pharmaceutical Innovation

Innovative research is being performed in universities worldwide. There is a quest for knowledge, glory, and most importantly, helping the sick. On the…

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14 May, 2012Buying Innovation: A Look at Pharmaceutical Mergers and Acquisitions

We’ve looked at what happens to a drug when a patent expires, but what happens to the patent owner? As patents have expired and many blockbuster drugs become generic, pharmaceutical companies have looked to new drugs and innovations to replace the lost income. Getting a drug through regulatory hurdles, such as clinical trials and safety testing, is difficult and millions of dollars can be lost from an unexpected failure. As many patents have expired and only a few drugs have replaced them in the past decade, pharmaceutical companies have looked to mergers and acquisitions for new products and drugs in an effort to buy innovation.

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18 Nov, 2011Bio Rhythm – A Comprehensive Look at Worldwide Innovation

Pharmaceutical companies have been struggling during the global recession, with huge layoffs and restructurings. Yet, innovation in biotech and pharma, a key indicator…

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