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14 Dec, 2020Tech Snapshot® – Early-Development Assessment Tools: De-Risking Strategies For Biologics

Tech Snapshot® captures today’s cutting-edge tools and technologies that will help drive drug discovery tomorrow. This installment was written by Yvette Stallwood, Ph.D., Head of Applied Protein Services, Lonza Biologics.

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19 Jun, 2019The Effects of Sex Bias in Preclinical Research and How it Can Be Changed

Upsetting the status quo is never easy, especially when it comes to scientific research. Just ask AstraZeneca duo Natasha A. Karp, Associate Principal Scientist/ Biostatistician and Neil Reavey, Associate Director, Research Assurance, who explore ways of overcoming the issue of sex bias in a paper entitled, “Sex Bias in Preclinical Research and Exploration of How to Change the Status Quo.”

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11 Jul, 2013In Vitro Oncology versus In Vivo Models

As previously discussed, there is great value in using in vivo models such as genetically modified mice and xenograft models for oncology research. However…

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