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14 Aug, 2014Innovation Goes Front and Center in Drug Discovery

“Innovation” is suddenly the word on everybody’s lips.  Pfizer launched “Centers for Therapeutic Innovation”, Johnson and Johnson followed with their “Innovation Centres” and…

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10 Dec, 2013Quantifying 20 Years of Pharmaceutical Innovation

Is there a way to quantify early drug discovery productivity to improve pharmaceutical innovation?  Pharmaceutical innovation is dependent upon a productive development pipeline. …

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15 Oct, 2013Government Shutdown Hinders Biomedical Research

Amidst the many challenges facing the life sciences industry today such as diminishing funding sources, increased costs to develop new drugs and products…

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12 Dec, 2012Tri-State Open Science Challenge Awards $16K to Four Citizen Scientists

We’ve just wrapped up the Tri-State Open Science Challenge, the second that we’ve held. We are proud to announce four winners awarding $16,000 worth of research money. We are excited to see where the projects go and hope that the research funding goes a long way towards helping them with their projects. Along with the prize money, winners also earned a 1-year subscription to Genspace, our community laboratory partner for this competition. Science not only needs money, but the input of others, so this will be a great value to the winners. We’d also like to thank the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) for donating one of the $5000 prizes, a great example of the government supporting citizen research.

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24 Jan, 2012Republicans vs Democrats: Which Party Really Rallies for Science

The presidential election season is upon us and issues from all spectrums are coming up. The issue closest to our heart is science….

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