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05 Feb, 2013Crowdsourcing Chemistry

In the field of synthetic chemistry, the “elephant in the room” is that chemists spend most of their time just trying to reproduce…

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30 Oct, 2012Crowdsourcing, Citizen Science and Finding a Cure for Cancer

It seems as if hardly a week goes by now without reading about a new example of crowdsouricing or citizen scientists working on…

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18 Oct, 2012Open Science: A Sustainable Future

Assay Depot’s CEO, Kevin Lustig, spoke in the recent Burrill Report about the Open Science movement and how the democratization of drug research…

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15 Oct, 2012The Evolution of Outsourcing to Crowdsourcing

Assay Depot’s Kevin Lustig explains how outsourcing and now crowdsourcing are changing how scientific research is done* In James Surowiecki’s book “The Wisdom…

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