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08 Sep, Crowdsourcing Scientific Protocols

Anyone who has taken a general laboratory class knows that the lab manual has multiple protocols that one follows in order to complete…

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28 Jul, 2014Crowdfunding of an HIV Vaccine Brings Hope and Skepticism

We have recently discussed here how crowdfunding — donations from the general public in support of a cause, idea, or invention — has…

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29 Oct, 2013Outsourcing is Changing Pharmaceutical Research – A Conversation with Kevin Lustig on The Empowered Patient

Kevin Lustig was invited by The Empowered Patient Radio Show after they heard Kevin at the Tech Coast Angels quick pitch competition.  Kevin…

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14 May, 2013Virtual Drug Discovery: Online Sources of Funding

In part two of the series on virtual drug discovery, published in pharmaphorum last month, Dr Kevin Lustig and Dr Maria Thompson of Assay…

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21 Mar, 2013Rare Disease $10K Grant For Rett Syndrome

Our Rare Disease Science Challenge ended March 15 and Qiang Chang was voted as the winner of our $10,000 research grant. His project…

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