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07 Aug, 2013Getting Started on Outsourcing to Asia

If you’re looking to outsource research services, you invariably will come to the decision to keep it local or not. With the growth…

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11 Apr, 2013Top 3 Communities for Pharmaceutical Near Sourcing

We’ve established that near sourcing has its advantages over outsourcing, but what are the best areas to near source? CROs, biotechs, and pharmas…

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04 Apr, 20136 Ways Near Sourcing Helps the Life Sciences

Outsourcing is frequently associated with overseas work, however it encompasses all work that you are sending outside the company,including work to those CRO’s…

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28 Mar, 2013Contract Research Outsourced in Minutes

The ultimate goal of Assay Depot is to connect scientists with service providers. There are thousands of Contract Research Organizations (CROs) that provide…

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19 Mar, 2013Pharmaceutical outsourcing: strategic versus tactical partnerships

Successful pharmaceutical outsourcing requires realistic and well-defined expectations, a strong vendor-client relationship, and continued client involvement in the outsourced project as it evolves….

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