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26 Oct, 2011Off The Shelf Products Are Now Easier To Find

We’ve been working hard to ensure Assay Depot can provide everything a scientist may need throughout the course of their research, and make…

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03 Oct, 2011New Tools Under Your Belt

Tired of hitting that limiting step in your research? Assay Depot, the world’s largest online marketplace for drug discovery research services, may just…

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30 Sep, 2011Assay Depot Supports the Scientific Community

One of our missions is to help scientists improve efficiency by connecting them with ideal service providers and experts. An invaluable way of…

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09 Aug, 2011New Service Categories to Catalyze Your Research

We at Assay Depot are constantly expanding our database to cover the various areas of drug discovery and development to provide you with…

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20 Jul, 2011The Value of Private CRXs

The public marketplace is an excellent tool for most researchers, but it became increasingly apparent it wasn’t the right solution for large enterprises….

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