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09 Jun, 2011Performing Drug Discovery From the Comfort of Your Home

There has been a lot of buzz about single-person drug companies running out of their own homes after a recent NPR report. Overseeing…

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23 Mar, 2011A New Look for our Website

You may have noticed, we changed the layout of this week. We really liked our old design, but we’d been using it for a…

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21 Mar, 2011Using Assay Depot for Contract Pharmaceutical Research Outsourcing

When we at Assay Depot say that we help with pharmaceutical outsourcing, what types of services are we helping CROs deliver to researchers?…

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27 Oct, 2010Invest. Grow. Harvest.

Outsourcing? Many people cringe at the sound of the word, but in the drug discovery industry, it’s the future as pharma companies race…

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27 Oct, 2010Navigating the Backoffice

Backoffice is part of a new and unique marketing channel that helps you establish new customer relationships and expand existing ones. It…

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