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17 May, 2017Top 8 Innovation Picks on

This month’s Top 8 Innovation Picks represent the most cutting-edge tools, technologies and services on the planet. Enjoy!

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03 May, 2017Supplier Spotlight™ – Cancer Genetics, Inc.

This month, the Supplier Spotlight™ is on Cancer Genetics, Inc. (CGI, Nasdaq: CGIX) – a leader in enabling precision medicine for oncology from bench to bedside through the use of oncology biomarkers and molecular testing.

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20 Mar, 2017Supplier Spotlight™ – Proteos, Inc.

This month, the Supplier Spotlight™ is on Proteos, Inc. – a provider of custom contract protein production services.

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13 Mar, 2017Externalization – An Uber-Like Future For Biopharma R&D

This month, we have added a staggering amount of new specialized CROs and innovative listings. Take a look at this month’s Top 8 Innovation Picks:

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06 Feb, 2017Supplier Spotlight™ – Flow Contract Site (FCS) Laboratory

This month, the Supplier Spotlight™ is on Flow Contract Site (FCS) Laboratory – a service provider of flow cytometry testing for drug development.

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