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03 May, 2017Supplier Spotlight™ – Cancer Genetics, Inc.

This month, the Supplier Spotlight™ is on Cancer Genetics, Inc. (CGI, Nasdaq: CGIX) – a leader in enabling precision medicine for oncology from bench to bedside through the use of oncology biomarkers and molecular testing.

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20 Mar, 2017Supplier Spotlight™ – Proteos, Inc.

This month, the Supplier Spotlight™ is on Proteos, Inc. – a provider of custom contract protein production services.

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06 Feb, 2017Supplier Spotlight™ – Flow Contract Site (FCS) Laboratory

This month, the Supplier Spotlight™ is on Flow Contract Site (FCS) Laboratory – a service provider of flow cytometry testing for drug development.

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14 Dec, 2016Supplier Spotlight™ – Proteros Biostructures

This month’s spotlight on Proteros Biostructures, with 18 years of experience they’ve solved more than 350 X-ray structures and deliver hundreds of protein batches per year with their team of more than 16 Ph.D. protein crystallographers and a total of 70 employees.

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30 Nov, 2016Supplier Spotlight™ – Applied StemCell

This month’s spotlight on Applied StemCell. They are advancing gene-editing and stem cell innovation for biomedical research and the biotechnology industry. Applied StemCell is one of the premier licensees of the Yamanaka factors (from iPSC Academia, Japan) and have many years of experience in handling complex projects involving stem cells.

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