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04 Jan, 2013Next Generation Sequencing: Clinical Translation

Since the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) initiated a program in 2004 to advance sequencing technology development, the resulting next generation sequencing…

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02 Jan, 2013Next Generation Sequencing: Applications

Next generation sequencing has reduced costs and increased the throughput, as compared to Sanger sequencing. Importantly, it has expanded the capabilities of sequencing…

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28 Dec, 2012Next Generation Sequencing: Technologies

In the previous post, we saw the impetus behind the technological innovation that led to development of next generation sequencing. So, for aficionados, Dr…

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26 Dec, 2012Next Generation Sequencing: Necessity In The Age Of Genomics

This holiday season, while sipping eggnog and eating some delicious holiday treats, we invited Dr Sandeep Pingle, editor of Roundtable Review[1] to muse about…

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