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07 Feb, 2013Stem Cells: Finding the Right Application

Here at Assay Depot, for the past few weeks we’ve been running a series of blog posts about stem cells discussing why iPS…

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31 Jan, 2013Stem cells for the non-stem cell specialist

Making stem cells from terminally differentiated cells is still relatively new technology. Shinya Yamanaka first described the technique in a 2006 publication, and labs across the world now use his basic principle of turning back the clock on cells through the introduction of transcription factors. There are a lot of questions biomedical researchers and pharmaceutical companies can address using iPS cells to model disease. But what if you are not a stem cell specialist?

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24 Jan, 2013Stem cells create “Disease in a Dish” for drug development

Last week we talked about Stem cell research getting the “green light” and this week we continue with our stem cell blog series. Biology…

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17 Jan, 2013Stem cell research gets the green light

One of Assay Depot’s most popular blog posts of last year was an infographic depicting American attitudes towards stem cell research.  Part of…

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04 Jan, 2013Next Generation Sequencing: Clinical Translation

Since the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) initiated a program in 2004 to advance sequencing technology development, the resulting next generation sequencing…

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