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30 May, 2013Alzheimer’s Drug Development Costs Soar to a New High

Just last week, we wrote about how drug development costs are keeping obesity drugs off the market. This week, we take a look…

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23 May, 2013Drug Development Costs Keep Obesity Drugs Off the Market

Obesity has been linked to cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke.  As a common underlying factor in so many preventable…

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16 Apr, 2013Drug Discovery: Targeting the Epigenome

The health and behavior of each one of our cells is influenced by both genetics and epigenetics. Drug discovery has historically targeted proteins…

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09 Apr, 2013Drug Discovery: Target Based versus Phenotypic Screening

What is the most successful preclinical strategy for drug discovery?  Finding the answer to this question is important if pharma is to keep…

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14 Mar, 20135 Ways Ratings Promote Pharmaceutical Innovation

The internet has connected us in a way never before seen in history: we can now rely on other’s people experiences to guide…

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