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30 Jan, 2014The Power of Directed Evolution in Protein Engineering

The selection and accumulation of desirable mutations – also known as natural selection – has shaped the living world. The proteins resulting from…

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05 Dec, 2013Harnessing Stem Cells for Drug Discovery: Part 3

Stem cells are being used to develop robust, reliable disease models that are advancing our understanding of underlying disease progression and mechanism.  Stem…

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03 Dec, 2013Harnessing Stem Cells for Drug Discovery: Part 2

How are stem cells advancing compound screening and analysis of drug-like properties? Stem cells are emerging as significant reagents in drug development pipelines. …

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27 Nov, 2013Therapeutic Opportunities in Your Cranberry Sauce

Assay Depot advocates creativity in science and we support new models of research innovation.  We’ve added turkey to our innovation arena and have highlighted where…

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22 Nov, 2013Next-Gen Protein Microarrays: The Future of Biomarker Discovery?

Assay Depot invited Dr. Heather Buschman to discuss protein microarrays and the future of biomarker discovery. Dr. Buschman earned her Ph.D. in Molecular…

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