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01 Oct, 2013Patient-Reported Outcomes In Cancer Management – Part 2

A personalized medicine approach to clinical cancer therapy does not necessarily translate into a patient-centered approach as discussed in part 1 of this…

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26 Sep, 2013Patient-Centered Outcomes in the Clinic – Part 1

In different regulatory and research settings, it is now being realized that the need to consider patient-centered outcomes is paramount. We invited Dr Sandeep…

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10 Sep, 2013Healthy competition? Target diversity in drug development

Targeted based drug discovery has been a mainstay of pharmaceutical pipelines for the last 20 years. Identifying and validating novel drug development targets remains…

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13 Aug, 2013Assay Depot Announces Creation of Virtual Research Platform for Pfizer Scientists

Assay Depot  announced this morning, the launch of MXIS (Market Exchange for Innovative Services), a virtual outsourcing platform for Pfizer scientists. MXIS, an Assay…

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06 Aug, 2013Assay Depot Creates Medical Research Exchange with the NCI

Cloud-based Platform Brings Together Life Science Researchers Worldwide; Fuels Innovation at NCI [pullquote]“The mission of CCR is to conduct cutting-edge, basic, translational, and…

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