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29 Oct, 2013Outsourcing is Changing Pharmaceutical Research – A Conversation with Kevin Lustig on The Empowered Patient

Kevin Lustig was invited by The Empowered Patient Radio Show after they heard Kevin at the Tech Coast Angels quick pitch competition.  Kevin…

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24 Oct, 2013Key Factors in CRO Selection Part 1: Benefits of CRO use

Alternative strategies for approaching drug discovery and development have emerged in response to tightening budgets.  An appealing trend is the shift toward the…

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17 Oct, 2013Strategic outsourcing of pharmaceutical R&D – Published in Chemistry Today

Dr Kevin Lustig talks about Strategic Outsourcing and bringing pharma and drug discovery into the information age in a recent publication in Chemistry…

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15 Oct, 2013Government Shutdown Hinders Biomedical Research

Amidst the many challenges facing the life sciences industry today such as diminishing funding sources, increased costs to develop new drugs and products…

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08 Oct, 2013The Way to Patient-Centered Outcomes Research – Part 3

Patient perspective (patient-centered outcomes) is a crucial element in addressing health and illness issues for individuals on therapy. In the final article in…

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