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11 Apr, 2016This Month’s Top 8 Picks

Every month Assay Depot’s platform gets more innovative with hundreds of new tools, technologies, and services. The platform users gain on-demand access to…

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05 Nov, 2014Precompetitive Collaboration: Emerging Realism in the Pharma World

In the world of drug discovery, pharmaceutical companies face a very sobering statistic – more than 90% of the drugs that reach clinical…

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23 Jul, 2014World’s First Academic Life Science Research Exchange

Connecting academic scientists to the global life science ecosystem Like everyone else, academic researchers are finding that funding sources are drying up and…

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16 Jun, 2014The Microbiome in Drug Discovery: Inflammatory Disease

Having introduced the “Age of the Microbiome in Drug Discovery” and the “The Microbiome in Metabolic Disease” we now turn to the influence…

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07 Apr, 2014Onshoring versus Offshoring; decisions, decisions

We invited Bob Evans, Senior Business Development & Marketing Director from one of our most trusted vendors Cambridge Biomedical to discuss onshoring versus…

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