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07 Mar, 2013How To Fight Rare Disease

Working on the Rare Disease Science Challenge has shown me that everybody wants to support rare disease in many different ways, which is…

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28 Feb, 2013Winning Over Rare Disease

The Rare Disease Science Challenge: Be HEARD is entering its next phase. After 77 applicants covering 67 rare diseases, we have decided on…

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05 Feb, 2013Crowdsourcing Chemistry

In the field of synthetic chemistry, the “elephant in the room” is that chemists spend most of their time just trying to reproduce…

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30 Jan, 2013Open Science Coming to San Diego

Carlsbad, CA is soon to be home to San Diego’s own community laboratory space. Much along the lines of Genspace in NYC and…

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19 Dec, 2012Using Genetic Engineering to Create a Chair

In our effort to promote research, Assay Depot sponsored the NYU Gallatin IGEM team. As we’ve seen before, the IGEM competition generates very…

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