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14 Feb, 2014Inforna: A New Way To Search Your Genome For New Drugs

A quick scan of recent advances in the scientific community will show that genomic data and new techniques in next-gen sequencing have…

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04 Feb, 2014Sequencing and Drug Discovery: How does Illumina’s new $1000 human genome affect drug discovery?

Illumina recently announced the $1000 solution for the sequencing of the human genome in the form of its new instrument, the HiSeqX. This…

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07 Jan, 2014Assay Depot CEO Wins SDBJ Most Admired CEO Award

The San Diego Business Journal announced today that Assay Depot CEO, Dr Kevin Lustig, was awarded the Most Admired CEO for a small…

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24 Dec, 2013Happy Holidays From Assay Depot!

Elizabeth Tanner

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17 Dec, 2013Top 10 Science Innovations for 2013

The Scientist’s annual “Science Innovations” competition uncovered a bonanza of interesting technologies that made their way into labs this year, and our very…

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