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14 Mar, 2012Drug Discovery Goes Global: Location of CROs Around the World

As pharmaceutical and biotech research becomes more externalized, it is becoming increasingly important to know who is doing your research. Some drug discovery…

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05 Mar, 2012Access Granted: What Happens When the Patent Expires?

The price of pharmaceutical drugs has been an issue of national debate for decades. As many blockbuster drugs face patent expiration in a…

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22 Feb, 2012Banned As We Know It: A Timeline of Drugs That Are No More

Mankind has historically tried a range of interesting treatments and medicine, whether it was leeches on the neck or a nice bottle of…

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07 Feb, 2012Cool Science: Discovering the International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition

Science is reliant on new ideas to drive society forward and who better to look for that innovation than students? The International Genetically…

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24 Jan, 2012Republicans vs Democrats: Which Party Really Rallies for Science

The presidential election season is upon us and issues from all spectrums are coming up. The issue closest to our heart is science….

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