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01 Nov, 2012Drug Discovery: controlling the rising cost through outsourcing

Our latest infographic touches on a subject we care deeply about: the cost of drug discovery and the need for cost-effective research and…

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30 Jul, 2012Cage-Free Chimps: Is the End of Chimpanzee Research Near?

Animal testing is critical to advancing science and learning more about disease, but what animals are effective? It’s safe to say that mice,…

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19 Jun, 2012The Decline of STEM: Why American Students Are Avoiding STEM Professions

The 2011-2012 school year is over, so we decided the next infographic should take a look at how the sciences are faring at…

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14 May, 2012Buying Innovation: A Look at Pharmaceutical Mergers and Acquisitions

We’ve looked at what happens to a drug when a patent expires, but what happens to the patent owner? As patents have expired and many blockbuster drugs become generic, pharmaceutical companies have looked to new drugs and innovations to replace the lost income. Getting a drug through regulatory hurdles, such as clinical trials and safety testing, is difficult and millions of dollars can be lost from an unexpected failure. As many patents have expired and only a few drugs have replaced them in the past decade, pharmaceutical companies have looked to mergers and acquisitions for new products and drugs in an effort to buy innovation.

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14 Mar, 2012Drug Discovery Goes Global: Location of CROs Around the World

As pharmaceutical and biotech research becomes more externalized, it is becoming increasingly important to know who is doing your research. Some drug discovery…

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