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10 Mar, 2014Computational Drug Discovery: Increased Applications

We previously discussed how there are software methods to screen for potential drug leads and researchers have been able to increase their drug…

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26 Feb, 2014Computational Drug Discovery: Technologies and Methods

Previously, we discussed in part 1 of this series the growing significance of computational methods in drug discovery. Traditional drug discovery typically uses…

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18 Feb, 2014Computational Drug Discovery: Traditional Methods Aren’t Enough!

Traditional drug discovery is expensive, inefficient, and has huge barriers to entry. Big pharmaceutical companies continue to struggle to cope with tight margins…

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11 Feb, 2014Hit your target with fragment-based drug discovery

If you validated the drug target to cure a disease, but can’t hit it efficiently with high-throughput screening (HTS), fragment-based drug discovery could be…

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04 Feb, 2014Sequencing and Drug Discovery: How does Illumina’s new $1000 human genome affect drug discovery?

Illumina recently announced the $1000 solution for the sequencing of the human genome in the form of its new instrument, the HiSeqX. This…

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