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23 Sep, 2014Starting a Conversation on Drug Discovery Biases

From the desk of Chris Lipinski, PhD I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to optimize for ligand affinity. Of course, this…

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08 Sep, Crowdsourcing Scientific Protocols

Anyone who has taken a general laboratory class knows that the lab manual has multiple protocols that one follows in order to complete…

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14 Aug, 2014Innovation Goes Front and Center in Drug Discovery

“Innovation” is suddenly the word on everybody’s lips.  Pfizer launched “Centers for Therapeutic Innovation”, Johnson and Johnson followed with their “Innovation Centres” and…

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04 Aug, 2014Children With a Rare Disease May Hold a Key to New Antivirals

Sometimes, in tragic circumstances, a lesson can be learned and applied in unexpected ways. That appears to be the case with a rare…

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28 Jul, 2014Crowdfunding of an HIV Vaccine Brings Hope and Skepticism

We have recently discussed here how crowdfunding — donations from the general public in support of a cause, idea, or invention — has…

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