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10 May, 2016Innovation Hub™ – a holy grail of all the latest innovations

The world of scientific research is dense and vast not unlike a thick jungle. There are so many sources of information coming from…

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11 Apr, 2016This Month’s Top 8 Picks

Every month Assay Depot’s platform gets more innovative with hundreds of new tools, technologies, and services. The platform users gain on-demand access to…

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11 Mar, 2016Top 8 Innovation Picks for February 2016

Let’s keep the conversation going — use hashtag #sparkofinnovation to join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook! Gursatya "Guru" SinghGuru is currently Director…

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01 Feb, 2016Top 8 Innovation Picks for January 2016

Gursatya "Guru" SinghGuru is currently Director of Scientific Content at, the world’s largest pharmaceutical marketplace for scientific services. He is responsible for…

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22 Dec, 2015Top 8 Innovations on

Arthur Clarke once famously said that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”  Below we’ve listed eight advanced technologies that, while not…

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