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27 Aug, 2013In Drug Development, Think Beyond the Genome

Interesting news for those thinking about personalized medicine and drug development:  children born to mothers after bariatric gastrointestinal bypass surgery are set up…

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22 Aug, 2013Why Life Science Start Ups Struggle to Succeed

Life science companies are known to be one of the most expensive and difficult to start up. We look for an answer as…

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01 Aug, 2013Animal Models: How to make them

Almost weekly in the news there is an article about a new scientific breakthrough and how animal models were instrumental in making this…

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25 Jul, 2013Studying the RAS Gene for Oncology Treatment

An oncogene is a gene that can potentially cause cancer. RAS is a common class of oncogene and the focus of researchers worldwide,…

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23 Jul, 2013Animal Models: More than Mice

While the mouse may be king, it’s not the only show in town.  Beyond the mouse, several other species are used as animal…

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