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By: Rachel Tsui

02 Apr, 2014The Biotech Startup Incubator Boom

There’s a new trend in the biotech startup world, and that’s the increasing presence of biotech startup incubators across the country. Many scientists…

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31 Mar, 2014Assay Depot Raises $3 million in Series B Funding

Assay Depot released a press release announcing it raised $3 million in Series B Funds to “Grow Science as a Server” Platform. Assay…

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24 Mar, Crowdfunding science research

The increasing awareness of the scientific research community on the importance of open access and open science has given rise to a new…

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20 Mar, 2014The Trials of Rare Disease Clinical Research

While we previously discussed how rare disease research has dramatically increased in both academic and industrial research, clinical trials of potential rare disease…

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18 Mar, 2014Computational Drug Discovery: Clinical Translation

Computational drug discovery has reduced the time and money required for research and development while increasing the potential number of drug leads in…

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