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By: Maria Thompson

08 Oct, 2013The Way to Patient-Centered Outcomes Research – Part 3

Patient perspective (patient-centered outcomes) is a crucial element in addressing health and illness issues for individuals on therapy. In the final article in…

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03 Oct, 2013Reducing Drug Development Costs

Modern medicine has made incredible advances with treatments that have changed the prospects for many diseases.  The healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are essential for…

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01 Oct, 2013Patient-Reported Outcomes In Cancer Management – Part 2

A personalized medicine approach to clinical cancer therapy does not necessarily translate into a patient-centered approach as discussed in part 1 of this…

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26 Sep, 2013Patient-Centered Outcomes in the Clinic – Part 1

In different regulatory and research settings, it is now being realized that the need to consider patient-centered outcomes is paramount. We invited Dr Sandeep…

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24 Sep, 2013Core Labs Move Experiments Forward Efficiently

Looking back on papers published in high profile journals over the years, the path to publication has become ever more involved.  The number…

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