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By: Maria Thompson

07 Nov, 2013Key Factors in CRO Selection Part 2: Program Oversight

Contract research organizations (CROs) often have experience overseeing all aspects of a drug development program.  ADDF recently shared their insights on navigating CRO…

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29 Oct, 2013Outsourcing is Changing Pharmaceutical Research – A Conversation with Kevin Lustig on The Empowered Patient

Kevin Lustig was invited by The Empowered Patient Radio Show after they heard Kevin at the Tech Coast Angels quick pitch competition.  Kevin…

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22 Oct, 2013Bioinformatics Core Labs are a Growing Resource

The next time your research takes you outside your field of expertise, you might consider looking for a core lab to help move…

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17 Oct, 2013Strategic outsourcing of pharmaceutical R&D – Published in Chemistry Today

Dr Kevin Lustig talks about Strategic Outsourcing and bringing pharma and drug discovery into the information age in a recent publication in Chemistry…

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10 Oct, 2013Core Labs Offer Imaging Expertise

Core labs are important assets to academic institutions.  They are concentrated pockets of experts, to whom scientists can outsource specific parts of their…

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