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By: Maria Thompson

07 Jan, 2014Assay Depot CEO Wins SDBJ Most Admired CEO Award

The San Diego Business Journal announced today that Assay Depot CEO, Dr Kevin Lustig, was awarded the Most Admired CEO for a small…

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17 Dec, 2013Top 10 Science Innovations for 2013

The Scientist’s annual “Science Innovations” competition uncovered a bonanza of interesting technologies that made their way into labs this year, and our very…

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12 Dec, 2013Drones for Drug Delivery

Drones are all over the news at the moment – are they really a science fiction notion soon to become reality? Tapping into…

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27 Nov, 2013Therapeutic Opportunities in Your Cranberry Sauce

Assay Depot advocates creativity in science and we support new models of research innovation.  We’ve added turkey to our innovation arena and have highlighted where…

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20 Nov, 2013Harnessing Stem Cells for Drug Discovery: Part 1

Advances in Culturing Stem Cells Stem cells may hold the answer to one of the biggest medical challenges, replacing tissues and organs.  Exciting…

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