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By: Maria Thompson

09 Apr, 2014The Age of The Microbiome in Drug Discovery

Over the course of the last century we’ve had the age of antibiotics, the genetic revolution, transplantation and immunotherapy, each of which ushered…

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07 Apr, 2014Onshoring versus Offshoring; decisions, decisions

We invited Bob Evans, Senior Business Development & Marketing Director from one of our most trusted vendors Cambridge Biomedical to discuss onshoring versus…

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24 Feb, 2014Life Sciences Incubator Helps Entrepreneurs

Published in The Coast News last week, was a great article about how Bio, Tech and Beyond, the darling incubator lab of San Diego,…

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11 Feb, 2014Hit your target with fragment-based drug discovery

If you validated the drug target to cure a disease, but can’t hit it efficiently with high-throughput screening (HTS), fragment-based drug discovery could be…

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06 Feb, 2014Evolution in Three Easy Steps: Carrying Out Directed Evolution

Directed evolution is emerging as a powerful new tool to design proteins with new and interesting properties that may not have evolved naturally….

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