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By: James Sanchez

17 Apr, 2014RNAi: Another Reason to Cheer for Basic Research

We recently talked about how Green Fluorescent Protein, restriction enzymes, and CRISPR are invaluable products of basic research. These investigations did not specifically…

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26 Mar, 2014GFP, CRISPR, and more: Let’s Hear it For Basic Research!

Whenever it is announced that budgets must be tightened, it is often scientists performing basic research who are among the first to be…

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04 Mar, 2014CRISPR: Taking DNA Research by Storm

If you hobnob around scientists, you might be increasingly hearing the mysterious acronym “CRISPR” being mentioned in conversation. CRISPR (pronounced like “KRIS-per”) sounds…

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20 Feb, 2014Unlocking the Natural Product Treasure Chest

Most people have probably heard of Alexander Fleming’s chance encounter with a penicillin-producing fungus. What is not quite well-known is that penicillin is…

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28 Jan, 2014Phosphorylation as a Biosensor for Drug Discovery

One major challenge in drug discovery is determining whether a drug is behaving as intended, binding the “right” protein, inhibiting the correct target…

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