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By: James Sanchez

23 Jun, 2014Human Genetics Lights the Way for Innovative Drug Discovery

The vast majority of compounds that enter clinical trials fail to make it through. The result: few drugs, plenty of bills. The consensus…

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05 Jun, 2014Fluorescent Tags: More Than Innocent Bystanders

A fluorescent tag, also known as a label or probe, is a molecule that is chemically attached to a biomolecule such as a…

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22 May, 2014ENABLE: Pushing Antibiotic Drug Discovery Forward

How difficult can antibiotic drug discovery be? Some of those struggling with their drug discovery projects in other areas might find themselves envying…

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15 May, 2014Driving Over the Drug Development Valley of Death

It’s a long, hard road that begins with the identification of a promising drug candidate and ends with its introduction to the marketplace….

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22 Apr, 2014The ABCs (and ATCGs) of RNA-Seq

DNA has often been likened to a book, with a set of instructions written in A’s, T’s, C’s, and G’s. But even if…

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