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By: James Sanchez

25 Aug, 2014Drug Discovery Collapse: How to Fix Irreproducible Research?

Drug discovery, ever a challenge, can be likened to a tall structure. The upper stories rely on the stability of the floors below…

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04 Aug, 2014Children With a Rare Disease May Hold a Key to New Antivirals

Sometimes, in tragic circumstances, a lesson can be learned and applied in unexpected ways. That appears to be the case with a rare…

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28 Jul, 2014Crowdfunding of an HIV Vaccine Brings Hope and Skepticism

We have recently discussed here how crowdfunding — donations from the general public in support of a cause, idea, or invention — has…

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14 Jul, 2014CRISPR Marches Forward: Correcting a Disease in Animals

As we previously discussed, CRISPR-mania is sweeping the globe. (Okay, it might not be as big as Beatlemania, but more than a few…

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07 Jul, 2014Why Do Powerful Cancer Drugs Fail?

It’s a sad story that everyone is familiar with: A patient takes one or more well-known cancer drugs, and they work — for…

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