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By: Assay Depot

26 Dec, 2012Next Generation Sequencing: Necessity In The Age Of Genomics

This holiday season, while sipping eggnog and eating some delicious holiday treats, we invited Dr Sandeep Pingle, editor of Roundtable Review[1] to muse about…

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13 Dec, 2012Research Exchange 3.0 Released

Over 9 months in the making, Assay Depot is proud to announce the immediate availability of our much improved Research Exchange platform. The Research Exchange 3.0 includes many new features our users have been asking for and a whole set of refinements to the features our users already use. The Assay Depot Research Exchange enables researchers to outsource work directly to the vendors who can perform the work.

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28 Nov, 2012Research Exchange Upgrade – Feedback from Pfizer and AstraZeneca

We are proud to announce that the Assay Depot scientific research exchange has just undergone a huge upgrade. Although much of the upgrade was under-the-hood in preparation for future ehancements and new features, researchers logging on to Assay Depot will now see many changes to the User Dashboard. Vendors will also notice a few new tools available through the Assay Depot Backoffice.

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06 Nov, 2012Science in Politics: Election for Research

The US presidential election will soon come to a close today and many Americans will have casted their vote for the candidate who…

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30 Oct, 2012Crowdsourcing, Citizen Science and Finding a Cure for Cancer

It seems as if hardly a week goes by now without reading about a new example of crowdsouricing or citizen scientists working on…

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