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12 Dec, 2012Tri-State Open Science Challenge Awards $16K to Four Citizen Scientists

We’ve just wrapped up the Tri-State Open Science Challenge, the second that we’ve held. We are proud to announce four winners awarding $16,000 worth of research money. We are excited to see where the projects go and hope that the research funding goes a long way towards helping them with their projects. Along with the prize money, winners also earned a 1-year subscription to Genspace, our community laboratory partner for this competition. Science not only needs money, but the input of others, so this will be a great value to the winners. We’d also like to thank the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) for donating one of the $5000 prizes, a great example of the government supporting citizen research.

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09 Oct, 2012Open Science Challenge Series – Promotes Research Amongst Students

The Make Your Mark competition, part of Assay’s Depot’s Open Science Challenge series, is now officially live in San Diego, New York, and…

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11 Sep, 2012Opening up the “Open Science Challenge”

Assay Depot has always operated on mission of “empowering scientists.” What that boils down to is continuously asking ourselves “does this help scientists?”…

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22 Aug, 2012Open Science Challenge Winner: Derek Jacoby

Today, we look at our second winner of the Bay Area Open Science Challenge and his work. Derek Jacoby is studying gout treatment…

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21 Aug, 2012Open Science Challenge Winner: Ryan Bethencourt

A couple of months ago, Assay Depot and BioCurious wrapped up it’s first Open Science Challenge. We had some great proposals submitted, but ultimately,…

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