On February 3rd, 2020, Meaghan Loy, MS, Director of In Vivo Services at Scientist.com hosted a webinar featuring fellow team member Javier Pineda, PhD, Data Scientist;  Alice Loo, Principal Scientist in Oncology at Novartis; Jonathan Nakashima, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer at Certis Oncology Solutions; and Balaji Ramachandra, PhD, Senior Principal Scientist of Oncology at Syngene. Javier presented a thorough demo of Scientist.com’s Disease Model Finder before the panelists began to answer questions related to their experiences sourcing disease models. Topics ranged from current challenges when sourcing disease models to the most efficient way to submit a successful request for disease models. Certis and Syngene are among the companies that have already provided data that is available on the platform.

Please watch the recording of the webinar below or reach out to us directly at diseasemodels@scientist.com to learn more.


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