We feature an interview of the selected supplier in our monthly customer newsletter, on our blog and social media. Below is this month's spotlight on Proteros Biostructures:
What is your company’s mission?

To provide a molecular understanding of proteins and protein/small molecule interactions via the unique integration of protein crystallography, tailor-made proteins, assays, and biophysics, computational chemistry, medicinal chemistry, and disease biology at the frontier of the novel and most challenging targets.

Describe your company’s most popular service offering.

The companies heritage is protein crystallography. Also, we use our expertise in the production of the highest quality protein to provide custom protein supply services.

Why should customers use your services?
Do you save time and/or money and/or provide access to innovation?

We have been in business for 18 years and solve more than 350 X-ray structures and deliver hundreds of protein batches per year with our team of more than 16 Ph.D. protein crystallographers and a total of 70 employees. This enormous expertise is key to our reliability in meeting our clients´ requirements when it comes to delivering results and solutions in the most scientifically challenging projects.

What new services, tools or technologies will you be offering over the next biennium?

The solution of X- ray structure of membrane proteins will be a major focus in the next two years. We will also continue to expand our screening and assay development services.

What is your company doing to remain an industry leader?

We bring value to our client's projects. Our objective is to provide them with access to the highest quality proteins, world-class structural biology, an innovative platform of assay technologies and specialized structure-based medicinal chemistry. With a proven track record of transforming screening hits into preferred lead compounds, we support our customers in developing tomorrow’s medicines.