We feature an interview of the selected supplier in our monthly customer newsletter, on our blog and social media. Below is this month's spotlight on Applied StemCell:
What is your company’s mission?

To advance gene-editing and stem cell innovation for biomedical research and the biotechnology industry.

Describe your company’s most popular service offering.

iPSC gene editing services to genetically modify iPSCs to generate isogenic control-iPSC cell line models from patient and control samples. We can also reprogram iPSCs from patient/control tissue for more accurate in vitro disease models.

Why should customers use your services?
Do you save time and/or money and/or provide access to innovation?

We use and provide (1) advanced CRISPR; protocols for more than 99% success rate in editing cell lines; (2) feeder-free growth conditions to ensure healthy iPSCs; (3) fast turnaround times (2-3 months); (4) affordable service. We are one of the premier licensees of the Yamanaka factors (from iPSC Academia, Japan) and have many years of experience in handling complex projects involving stem cells.

What new services, tools or technologies will you be offering over the next biennium?

We will soon be launching iPSC differentiation services to differentiate iPSCs from patient and control samples into neural progenitor cells, oligodendrocyte progenitors, oligodendrocytes and motor neurons.

What is your company doing to remain an industry leader?

We are constantly upgrading and expanding our technologies and protocols to provide the scientific community with the latest research tools and models for advancing biomedical research at very affordable prices and very high quality.

Have you been able to use Scientist.com to increase your business?

We have significantly expanded our business, thanks to Scientist.com / Assay Depot.